The World Bank and I

I first became interested in the World Bank when I did a research paper on Robert Strange McNamara for a course on international organizations that I took in the second year of my MA program at Yale (1976–77). I slaved over that paper at a card table that I had set up next to the boiler in the basement of my apartment building on Boulevard in New Haven. It was a cold winter.

  Aim high.

Aim high.

I began editing for the Bank in 1988 but did not become deeply involved until I joined Bruce Ross-Larson's firm, Communications Development, for a very productive year (2000–01). Since going out on my own in 2001, I have had the privilege of editing dozens of books and hundreds of reports by the many very talented people from all around the world who serve the people of the world through the World Bank.

A selection of my recent work for the World Bank

For the Bank's Energy Practice, I edit the Live Wire series of topical  briefs. 

From 2007 to 2011 I was managing editor of the Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic, a comprehensive study of Africa's infrastructure needs. I edited 4 books, 40+ papers, the text of the AICD website, and collateral materials. The 4 books were:

  • Africa’s ICT Infrastructure: Building on the Mobile Revolution, Mark D. J. Williams, Rebecca Mayer, and Michael Minges, ISBN: 978-0-8213-8454-1
  • Africa’s Power Infrastructure: Investment, Integration, Efficiency, Anton Eberhard, Orvika Rosnes, Maria Shkaratan, and Haakon Vennemo, ISBN: 978-0-8213-8455-8
  • Africa’s Transport Infrastructure: Mainstreaming Maintenance and Management, Ken Gwilliam, ISBN: 978-0-8213-8456-5
  • Africa’s Water and Sanitation Infrastructure: Access, Affordability, and Alternatives, Sudeshna Ghosh Banerjee and Elvira Morella, ISBN 978-0-8213-8457-2

Recent books edited

Bernard Tenenbaum, Chris Greacen, Tilak Siyambalapitiya, and James Knuckles. 2014. From The Bottom Up: How Small Power Producers and Mini-Grids Can Deliver Electrification and Renewable Energy in Africa. Directions in Development Series. Washington, DC: World Bank. ISBN (paper): 978-1-4648-0093-1. Substantive editor; copyeditor (with Fayre Makeig).

World Bank, ESMAP, and International Energy Agency. 2013. Global Tracking Framework—Sustainable Energy for All. Working Paper 77889. Washington, DC: World Bank. 

Center for Mediterranean Integration (Marseille). 2013. Transforming Arab Economies: Traveling the Knowledge and Innovation Road. Developmental editor and participating translator.

World Bank and Government of Japan. 2012. “Learning from a Megadisaster: The Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011—32 Knowledge Notes from the Learning from Megadisaster Project.” Washington, DC, and Tokyo. Substantive editor (with Fayre Makeig).

Hundreds of other books and reports are listed in my project list.