Welcome to my world

You arrived in a masted boat,
Splashed noisily ashore,
Planted your flag upon my beach,
Raised the cross, spat, and swore.

Advancing to the interior, 
You raised ladders and stormed my towns.
Though speared and shot and scalded,
You overran my sacred ground. 

Now you’ve an embassy in my capital,
Consuls in every city,
Your prospectors mine my mineral hills,
You trade without pity.

You’ve turned all my agents; 
You're running all my spies. 
You've bugged the lines on which I speak,
Intercepted all my lies.

You break the Sunday blue laws,
Your strip clubs face my schools.
You set up branches near my plants
To appropriate my tools.

You live openly without papers, 
Play your music in the streets,
Hang your piñatas in my public parks, 
Pick the apples from my trees.

Your children court my offspring, 
Their kids become my own.
Daniel, Jess, and Ruby
From your own seeds were sown.

Like an imperialist and his Jesuits,
You’re a colonist and a thief.
You’re an alien and a welfare cheat,
The usurper of my fief.

I am the grateful vassal—
Once master, I plow your ground; 
And I'll weep when, in a year or two,
Your old oath turns you 'round.