Gaining and losing a cat

I acquired a cat and named her Lucy
For a glamorous aunt I always loved.
Lithe, sylph-like, Siamese,
She glides between my feet.

Into a room she slips like knowledge,
Enlightening what had been obscure;
Slips in with knowledge of what she came for:
Comfort and a steady hand to pick
The prickly burrs from her tail;
Slips in with knowledge of what I require:
Prescient company and presence,
Grave presence, pride, and beauty.

Lithe, lacy, sylph-like blue-eyed Siamese,
Lucienne, chaton, quiet creature,
Poussin, mignonne, my symphony
Of minor grace notes, whispered secrets,

For a cat you are unusual.

In a woman I would recognize
With pleasure the traits of what I seek.
How many owners had you before me?
And how, pray, did they lose you?

You’re sleeping on the carpet;
The fire hisses in the grate.
You dream of all you’ve been through;
You dream about your fate.

Are you happy here, before my fire?
Or will you find some other's legs
Through which to slide your lovely frame
And stretch and sleep and yawn and eat
And spoil that man for any other cat
And make him spend his coming days
Before a fire without your prescience,
In absence, recalling your grave presence,
Your lacy, sylph-like blue-eyed beauty,
The knowledge that you brought,
The knowledge that the world had meaning
In minor grace notes, whispered secrets;
The knowledge that the world had meaning
In your confidence?